Gaulois army project the Aulerci Diablintes

Gaulois ProjectWe have the fourth largest Gaulois Oppidium (fortified walled city) in France just a few kilometres from our Maison in Mayenne. Archeologists excavated a large amount of the city when the new motorway skirted the edge of it. Much of its twin ramparts still remain, the outer and the inner wall still have sections over 100m in length and about 3-5m high. Close by we also have the new Roman city of Jublians, built on a which capital of the Diablintes Post 60AD. My Gaulois will focus on the Aulerci Diablintes tribe along with the Aulerci Cenomani and Aulerci Brannovices tribes to make up the warbands. The Aulerci tribes were pacified by Publius Licinius Crassus (Caesars Gallic wars) during his Amorican western Gallic campaign. In 56BC they joined the Veneti Confederation against Caesar, but were defeated again by Publius Licinius Crassus. In 53BC  like thier neighbours they sent men to support VercingĂ©torix during his uprising, they failed to arrive in time to relieve the besieged Gallic

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