Chain of Command AAR – the bunker

This is the second part of my Chain of Command AAR about our Normandy campaign. While this post covers the final game (game #3), you can find the AAR of the first two games here. Until this point, the Germans had a tough time losing booth previous games. But who wins this last game, wins the campaign. So there is still the chance of driving the Allies back into the sea! The game The battlefield To give the game a decent look, we chose a bunker as the main objective. Next, to the bunker, we placed a road, a small village and a SdKfZ 251. The idea was pretty straightforward. The Germans wouldn’t want to live all the time in the bunker, so why not occupy the houses nearby? Please note, that the SdKfZ and the PAK shown on the pictures are just terrain pieces. They weren’t part of the German forces regarding this game. Besides that, we added a variety of smaller pieces to the table like bocages, sandbags, trees, walls and that like to add some cover and to block line of sight. I’

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Chain of Command AAR – Dropping into Normandy

Recently, we played some games of Chain of Command from Two Fat Lardies and had great fun. But playing single games without any connection isn’t satisfying. So we decided to give our games more meaning and start a campaign. We bought the At the sharp end campaign handbook and the Kampfgruppe von Luck campaign. I can recommend both books, especially if you consider their price. We used these books as an inspiration and started to build our own campaign. The campaign Our campaign will cover the invasion of Normandy. Part I of our campaign will consist of three games, in which the Allies can only field paratroopers and light vehicles. For the first two games, the Germans will also be limited in their support options. This should simulate their surprise. In part II, we will introduce US Army troops and heavy weapons on both sides. The Forces We have a wide variety of miniatures available. The Germans can field basic Infantry, Panzergrenadiers and Fallschirmjäger. Besides that, they can field two Stugs, on

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