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GMG Reviews – Warhammer 40000 Codex: Chaos Knights

It’s time for another GMG Review! Today we take a look at the latest Codex for 40k, the Chaos Knights. This book expands on the seleciton from Chapter Approved 2018 with new Strategems, Relics, Dreadblades and Alignment abilities with the Infernal and Iconoclast Houses. House Metallum is off the rails and has become an Infernal Household! Joined by a small force of Night Lords, they take on the Aeldari in a 1750pt Matched Play game. NOTES: We made a couple mistakes during the game. The Infernal buff to guns only applies to a single gun per round on a Knight. It wasn’t super relevant but I might have mixed that up on an additional gun once or twice. The Pyrothrone also only causes an auto-explode if you die from a Perils. I did make an example roll however and did pop a six to mention it does limit the exploding size, so it was exploding regardless as I did make a roll; we just messed up why it exploded.

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Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Knights Codex Review

f you revel in the prospect of running an army of Chaos Knights, then by all means, jump into the Chaos Knights Codex with both feet. Just don't be expecting it to be a rich and fully-fleshed experience as with other armies. [...] The post Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Knights Codex Review appeared first on Tabletop Games UK.

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Back to the Brushes 198

Day nine of this 30day30miniatures painting challenge sees a return to a long forgotten project - Mordheim. The figures below make up the first part of the Cult of the Possessed warband.Shown above are three Beastmen from Black Tree Design. These required the shields and various small pieces of equipment painted and have done so for about ten years or so.Next are two figures from the original warband, the Magister on the left as viewed and a henchman with the battleaxe on the right.Deliberate choice of colours with red mask and emerald green robes on the magic user. These colours are used throughout the figures in this warband regardless of the status of the character. On both of these figures again there were only small pieces of equipment and personal items to be painted to complete.In the background the next figures to be completed can be seen even if out of focus.Day 9Figures completed 8Cheers for now.

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