(WIP) Playbooks for Stars Without Number

Image (cc) BiPiCado on DeviantArtMidway through my recent SWN campaign I started reading some "Powered By The Apocalypse" games and I really liked the ideas of a) tying the story to the characters and b) character playbooks to help flesh them out.  It reminded me of what I liked about Beyond The Wall.I started making some "playbooks" for Season 2 of the campaign when one of the players talked to me about not being sure where his PC came from or how it fit in.They're not complete - by any stretch! - but you can download my Stars Without Number Character Playbooks in their current state from Google Drive and adapt them to your game.  Screenshot below:These are fan content based on the tables in the free Stars Without Number rules for randomly rolling characters based on background, but adding a prompt for each result to help with the fiction.  Mechanically the characters will be the same, as the tables are the same, but hopefully they will help generate character backstories and ideas for drives

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Character - Marigold Silvereyes

I'm playing in a 5e campaign from next week, and god I find 5e dull and uninspired. So I left it to this generator.Marigold Silvereyes is a halfling barbarian, a war orphan who was good with her hands and left empty and angry buy the war.She's a suboptimal build (yay) but should have fun ducking between the legs of her enemies and shoving them around with her shield (I took Shield Master) while soaking damage for the team. She carries a longsword across her back like a human would a greatsword. She's a pint sized ball of fury who just wants to be recognised for her carpentry skills.Looking forward to playing her already, she's also tipped for love interest of the party's dwarven druid and we haven't even played yet...

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Snuggle Monster for HARP

  To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we have created a new monster and a new spell for you to use in your next HARP adventure. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Snuggle Monster!     SNUGGLE MONSTER   Name: Snuggle Monster Level: 4 Size: Medium BMR Type: Quadruped : Biped BMR: 31:14   # Enc: 1 Outlook: Aggr. Treasure: NNN   DB 54 Hits 96 Init 17   Stamina 91 Will 46 Magic 62   ATTACKS Hug Attack – Medium Crush 77   BLOOD MAGIC   Heart’s desire PP Cost: 6 Spell Type: Utility Range: 50’ RR: Magic Duration: 1 minute/rank Description: Instantly causes the target to believe that the caster is their true love, the being that they most desire and want to be with. The target will be compelled to approach the caster and attempt to woo them.   Scaling Options: Each additional target +3 Additional 50’ +1 + 1 minute +3   SKILLS Acrobatics (5) 44, Brawling (10) 67, Endurance (5) 36, Jumping (12) 71, Navigation (6) 33, Perception (12) 58, Resistance – Magic (1

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