The Polyhedron Collider Cast Episode 60 - Donning the Purple, Treasure Island and Charterstone

After spending his time in the garden, Andy joins Steve to discuss his hooky copy of Terraforming Mars, the latest news and the current crop of games at their table.They stab the emperor in Donning the Purple, search for lost gold in Treasure Island and provide a spoiler free review of Charterstone, the legacy game from Stonemaier Games. They then cast off the spoiler shackles and have an in depth discussion of the Charterstone game.Read more »

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Andy's Musings Episode 1: Legacy Games

Regular readers of this site or listeners to our podcast may have gotten the impression that my imagination is a dangerous and scary place. An accurate, if somewhat understated description. I find myself on many occasions mulling over a whole range of ideas from the size of the plastic baggies we use to store game components through explaining to colleagues why using well-defined business processes is to everyone’s advantage, all the way to convincing my other half why getting an Oculus Rift is clearly a good idea; not just a glorified way of kicking the cats. Read more »

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