STILL More Mistakes Were Made

Although this wasn't nearly so costly as some of the previous mistakes...and it didn't involve Eldar...(or Imperial Guard..)I ordered a bunch of plastic stuff from Russia...I'm not sure what I was thinking...Mouslings - seem to all be later renaissance mousketeers... They are a touch bigger than the Reaper Bones Mouslings I recently painted - but not so much that I wouldn't use them together.KnightsSkeletonsOrcsDwarvesI saw some of the miniatures posted on, I think, the Dragon Rampant Facebook group and a mention that they were available on eBay... so I went looking... and eventually tracked down a website in Russia that sold them.  All told 100 of these hard plastic fantasy chibi AND six vehicles AND a sprue of terrain bits came to a total of about $80CAD ($61USD) - including shipping!? So... wasn't the worst mistake I've ever made...What was I thinking I'd use all these for? I don't know... Dragon Rampant? That's just silly... I mean, I HAVE piles of armies for it already - plus piles more I already ne

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Space Rats, Melta Guns and Spooky Chibis

A few things rolling off the workbench this week...Superdeformed (or "chibi") spooky characters from Reaper bones. More experimenting with Contrast paints. How I've been doing a lot of these are undercoating with black gesso, then doing a heavy dry brush with a white gesso, and THEN applying Contrast paints - it keeps the dark recesses DARK - even if the contrast paint is... not-so-dark...It's fast... I'll say that. And if it means more people get more painted toys on the table, then I'm all for it. I wouldn't mind facing warriors painted this way - better than unpainted grey plastic!! But I don't love the look of them....Another ganger for the One-Eyed Red Snakes Delaque Necromunda Gang. The figure is a conversion, I think he had a lasgun or autogun originally... and I already had TWO of that figure, so I decided to convert it to have a special weapon of some sort... and I had a Meltagun that seemed like it would be easy to fit in there...Give then state of my gang in the current campaign, it will be a LONG

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