Choose Your Own Adventure: House Of Danger

Choose Your Own Adventure: House of Danger Review

In our Choose Your Own Adventure: House of Danger review, we look at a card game from Z-Man Games based on the very popular book of the same name. The post Choose Your Own Adventure: House of Danger Review appeared first on Co-op Board Games.

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New to Us Games – September/October 2018

After a few months of playing older games, we played a lot of new ones (to us) in September and October (and it’s pretty much a roll-and-write extravaganza): Root – I finally got a few plays in of the hotness (as the cats, of course). I enjoy asymmetrical games when they feel like a puzzle, and Root has that going for it, for now at least. Discover: Lands Unknown – We only played a 2-player game of scenario 1 of the Island. I liked the condensed version of an exploration game (it reminded me of the 7th Continent) but I don’t know how different the other scenarios will feel. Let’s Make a Bus Route – We played a lot of roll-and-writes this month, and this Japanese one was probably our favorite. As you might have guessed, you are literally making a bus routes, but unlike other mostly solo roll-and-writes, this is played on a shared board, with different player setups. Unfortunately, it’s hard to get a hold of. Welcome To…  – This neighborhood planning roll-a

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