City trip

Prague City Trip 2018

Prague, city of Kafka and Charles IV, of a hundred towers and pilsner beer... oh, and of red lights districts.And so me and my beloved went there last week for a 5 day trip, just to get away from all the stress from work, hobby and other things.Day 1: Of we go! When the plane neared the Prague airport, the weather was a lot better then in Belgium, even though we had to grab a cab to rush to the airport, due to an accident on the train track we took...After inspecting our room in the King George hotel, right in the center of the Old City, we went out first for a walk in the nearby premises, and enjoyed the views.And then it was time for our first dinner... calculated to euro, we paid around 7 euro per dish.  Food, if you go to traditional Czech restaurants, is dirt cheap in the city.We closed the evening with some half liters, at 40 CZK each, in the hotel.  Which had a sort of secluded hallway so we could enjoy the fresh air.Day 2: the Prague CastleOn our second day, we went for that big tourist attr

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