Col Bill

AHPC9 Donnybrook - NYW Prisoners, Guard & Wagon

More Donnybrook goodness!This time its back to Col Bill's with a little help from Foundry.The figures are from Col Bill's Depot Battalion range and are named,17th Century Prisoners and Guard. and cost £6.I've swapped the original Guard figure over with an Infantry figure from Foundryrather than convert the figure.The wagon is also from Col Bill's, although I can't seem to find it on their website?I decided to have it as a piece of scenery, so left one wheel off.So as for the points it should be....4 x Foot = 20 points1 x Wagon = 20 points

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Cavalier 2019 Swag

I thought I'd share some pics of the swag I collected at Cavalier in Tonbridge a few weekends ago.Firstly 3 great books from Helion and Company.I've had my eye on Armies and Enemies of Louis XIV since it came out, I've already got a few books of Killicrankie, but NEEDED this one too, you know how it is??Finally the new book on the Dutch, its a bit too early for my period really but hey ho, another must, I'm afraid!!My usually visit to Col Bills and I came away with these  5 15mm MDF buildingsfrom 4Ground. The Col is discontinuing the range at the moment, so grab them while you can.Stuart mentioned he may not bring them to shows anymore, so pre-order if you need any!More goodies from Col Bill, on the left is a new pack of Limber horse riders, so I bought 2 more horses and something to pull, I'm sure I've already got the wagon, but you can't have too many wagons, can you???A bit blurry I know, but I needed a fix from Essex minis.More NYW!!!Loads of 15mm buildingSorry guys I can't remember the club name, bu

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AHPC 9 Donnybrook - The Last Farewell

Another entry from me today and yes its more Donnybrook!!!These figures are from a set from Col Bills called 17thc Soldiers FarewellHere's the original look of the figures, obviously they're ECW figures, butI did a bit of snipping, filing and gluing. Adding a bit of greenstuff, making cuffs andelongating coats.To change them from ECW to soldiers from the 1690'sI'm very pleased how they turned out to be honest.These Col Bill's figures should earned me 35 points lifting me upinto 9th....yes 9th place!!!

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