Cold Wars

Mad Maximillian 1934: I should have sparred!

As I have mentioned in this journal, I signed up to run a Mad Maximillian 1934 game at COLD WARS 2019. F: 183: 19 – JUNKWAFFEL: A Mad Maximillian 1934 Adventure – Theme Friday, 7:00 PM, 3 hrs, Players: 10, BF86 GM: Walt O’Hara Sponsor: none – Prize: none Period: Pulp – Scale: 28mm – Rules: Mad Maximillian Return to the world of fragile deadly jalopies armed with instruments of peril! Everyone KNOWS about the Apocalypse, right? The one that took place back in 1934? Junkwaffel takes place in a world that has already suffered collapse, sometime directly after WWI. Players pilottheir armed motorcycles, buggies, jalopies and junkers through a war-torn landscape, full of traps, ambushes and the greatest danger of all, the other players. Rules easy to teach, glad to have youngsters from about 13 up, younger must have a parent in attendance. I was planning on this game being a reprise of the race I ran at ScrumCon 19.   There’s an old saying that goes something like “Yo

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Cold Wars 2019: progress, progress

I went to HMGS‘ Spring show, Cold Wars, last weekend.   Cold Wars is a show that I usually don’t volunteer to work staff for, because sometimes I actually like to go to events in the morning. Imagine!  This time, however, there was a plaintive request for assistance on the HMGS board, so I said to myself, “eh, okay, self, why not?” An Epic Journey.. okay, a two plus hour drive.. Of course, we had to honor a time-honored tradition. So I’m going to mention this stuff up front, so we can get it out of the way fast and just discuss convention activities. The Host has gone through some changes for the better. I will be the first to admit I have been critical of the Host’s diminished capacity in the last few years. Some might say even scathing. The last show, in particular, was fraught with facility problems that just seemed to be taking forever to make headway on. So don’t be shocked, but I’m going to sa

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