Cold Wars 2019

Cold Wars Operation Snake Hunt Part 1

It was with great pleasure that I was able to run a refined version of the Snake Hunt Scenario for the local Convention, Cold Wars.The following is the Scenario for the first floor of the installation and some photos from the game as it was played.  Overall view of the first floor Team Alpha square off against a SNAKE in the Mess Hall Team Bravo Encounters BATs and a Big BOA! Bravo wheels a ferret up to the door and fires twin 50s down the hallway into the BATs Team Charlie works its way through SNAKEs and Vipers Viper Kill Team arrives from the Barracks Yet another SNAKEDestroyed by Team Charlie BOOM!! Active Camera still in the Hallway.  I got the cameras from TTCombat. Team Alpha barricades a door Surging forward!More to come,Doc

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Cold Wars 2019: progress, progress

I went to HMGS‘ Spring show, Cold Wars, last weekend.   Cold Wars is a show that I usually don’t volunteer to work staff for, because sometimes I actually like to go to events in the morning. Imagine!  This time, however, there was a plaintive request for assistance on the HMGS board, so I said to myself, “eh, okay, self, why not?” An Epic Journey.. okay, a two plus hour drive.. Of course, we had to honor a time-honored tradition. So I’m going to mention this stuff up front, so we can get it out of the way fast and just discuss convention activities. The Host has gone through some changes for the better. I will be the first to admit I have been critical of the Host’s diminished capacity in the last few years. Some might say even scathing. The last show, in particular, was fraught with facility problems that just seemed to be taking forever to make headway on. So don’t be shocked, but I’m going to sa

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Two new vehicles for Mad Maximilian 1934

In preparation for COLD WARS 2019, where I’m running a Junkwaffel game Friday night, I have rolled two new vehicles out of the shop.  The Leyat Fan Dancer and the Blue Omega.  Both cars are diecast conversions, not kit cars. First, a little history.  Both diecasts are based on ancient vehicles that actually existed.  The first is the ALFA CONSTANZA 40/60 AERODINAMICA, which was designed between 1913 and 1922. I like the unique shape. At the Alfa Romeo Museum, Italy I am intrigued by the new Spar Torpedo rules that were published in an article in WSS 95, so I thought I’d build a few conversions featuring this weapon. Enter.. the Blue Omega! Blue Omega with one Torp deployed.  Figure for scale. Blue Omega with both spars in stow configuration Conversion was simple. I added a couple of brackets on either side of the Omega, and then built a large spar with a rocket shaped game piece on top for the “warhead”. Note that the WSS95 rules state only one spar per car, but I cheerfully broke this

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