Combined Army

Radio Free Neoterra – Infinity N3 Battle Report – Ep 109 – Hassassins vs. Onyx

Chris is back with his Hassassin Bahram to face my Onyx Contact Force in a Mid-Tier game of Firefight from ITSX!

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What is it about Infinity?

Combined Army starter Infinity, from Corvus Belli, has been around for quite some time and I have attempted to play it on several occasions. Once in Vancouver I had a Pan-O force that I actually managed to almost get fully painted. I don’t believe that I got any games in with the army. A few years ago I started to paint the contents of one of the Infinity starter sets and while I actually got the entire thing painted I once again didn’t do anything with it. So there is something compelling about the game and the background but I can’t seem to ‘pull the trigger’ and get more than one or two games in before moving onto something else. So while talking with Palmer about Kill Zone Arena, something that I was interested in, he mentioned that he was building up his Pan-O army and hoping to get some more games in. One of the things that makes Infinity a frustrating game to play is the learning curve required. This is what makes the starter sets such a great idea since they present a lim

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