A win by a narrow margin

Jeremy and I met up at The Sentry Box today for a 1000 point game of Beyond the Gates of Antares. He had his Concord force, with his newly completed Combat Drone, and I brought an Isorian army that focused on a Tsan Ra assault force. Originally I was going to bring my Ghar Rebel troops and try out my new Assault Squad. Brett and I played a game some time ago and I was really impressed by how dangerous the Ghar Assault Squad was. Interestingly they charged a unit of Phase Troopers and did nothing in the first round of combat but then ripped them apart in the second. Instead I used I an old Isorian army list that I stumbled upon which has a five model unit of Tsan Ra and a transport drone. I’ve been waiting a long time to get that transport into a game. We decided to play the Recover at All Costs scenario from the main rulebook. Both of us had the same number of activations including a single MOD unit. Jeremy had three C3 Strike Squads, an X Launcher, Command Squad, Plasma Cannon and a Combat Drone. I had

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Gates of Antares battle report

Jeremy was over today with 1000pts of Concord minis to play against my Isorians. I decided to build a scenario based on the terrain I had on hand. I put some crystals and rock formations in the middle of the table to represent an outburst of a crystalline energy form that caused an explosion wrecking the surrounding territory. Scientists put down energy dampening and control facilities to contain it and now Concord and Isorian forces are moving onto the location to take control of it and use the energy. There are four objectives around the central section of the table which represent each control facility. The game runs six turns and whomever controls the most objectives will gain control of the energy and win the game. There are triangular section at each corner of the table 12″ in width and height. Each side is able to deploy half their force (fractions rounded down) and then bring the rest on starting with the second turn as per the standard rules. Deployment is from the 12″ edges of the initia

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1000 point Ghar v. Concord

Another adventure with my Ghar Rebels versus Jerry’s Concord this Sunday. We have moved up to 1000 points and Jerry has added a Heavy Combat Drone to his force. Unlike other games we actually used one of the matched play scenarios, specifically An Unexpected Encounter. Each player starts with half of their force deployed and then has to bring the rest of them onto the table during the game. Unlike the standard rules, you still need a command check to bring on a unit during the first turn. Sadly I forgot the second turn deployment options and so both Jerry and I elected to bring all of our troops on during the first turn. Given that you need to quickly move your troops across the table and exit from your opponent’s deployment area I don’t know that either of us would have elected to use that option in any case. Jerry’s Concord consisted of: Tactical  C3 Strike Command Squad [140pts]: Medi-Drone, Spotter Drone, 2x Strike Trooper . Strike Commander: Leader Two C3 Strike Squad [145pts]:

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