With a Rebel Yell 12

Painted in 2018 and finally based and ready for action in 2019 these casualty stands and command stand are from Friekorps and Old Glory's Blue Moon range.Needing to go back to using the main camera rather than the phone cam, however its a time thing and everything can be done on the device. Time can be daunting just now.Some what more daunting is the twenty odd stands of foot at the back of the painting desk. Will get there soon.Cheers for now.

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It was the night before

The Ninth Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge...Every where was quiet and all over the blogosphere hands were as busy as elves preparing the Little Lead Men for the challenge.Some of the Little Lead Men were very very little whilst others were a bit bigger but they were all shiny in the beginning. That is of course until the busy hands used the big grey and black spray clouds and covered their shiny cores up.Soon the grey and black sprayed Little Lead Men would be brightly coloured with glorious colours so they would shine once again.As the days lengthen after the winter Solstice follow the progress of the Little Lead Men as they follow in the footsteps of the first Little Lead Man recoloured after a long time in the darkness.The question is; which one will be first?Cheers for now

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30 Days 30 Miniatures Painting Challenge Round up 4

This challenge was indeed that with mixed motiviation for the hobby in general this past 5 - 6 weeks.The final challenge came this week with being away with no internet access or 4G. The feeling of isolation lasted for about an evening then the digital detox started. Recommend it to all - disconnect for a week it is rewarding. It also meant however that this post is late, the shame!So, back to the challenge and yes it was a success with more than thirty figures being completed in time, just mind you.Two 28mm figures for SAGA or any Dark Ages skirmish game in general. A Gripping Beast Viking on the left and a Foundry Norman on the right.A Macedonian phalanx in 6mm with 27 figures on a 40 x 30mm.A mix of stands for ACW gaming with figures from Freikorps (centre) and Old Glory on the outsides. The single figures are for break through markers and the others are casualty markers.Here is the group shot of everything together; 37 figures in total including the terrain piece.6mm: 27 infantry15mm: 7 infantry28mm: 2 in

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