GMG Let’s Talk! 008 – About why we go back to Old Games.

  GMG Let’s Talk on SPOTIFY: GMG Let’s Talk on SOUNDCLOUD: RSS Feed for any App you want to listen on: Welcome to another Let’s Talk! Today I’m joined by Chris Salman for a discussion into why it is we continue to look back and revisit old and out of production games and what the differences in experience they offer us are compared to contemporary titles.

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Confrontation Revived

It has been some time since we last had a game of Confrontation. Myself and Joken were determined to get a game in during 2018 and we have just managed it before we drift into 2019. I fielded by favourite Devourers against Joken’s Tir-na-Bor Dwarfs. We did our usual 400 points per side game, not a lot of models on each side, but enough for us to get a good game in and still make it down the pub afterwards. The first few turns had plenty of maneuvering in readiness for the bun fight that was about to erupt. The Devourer Huntsman was able to get a few shots off before close combat took over and I remembered why I like them so much, perforating Light Artillery! Rather oddly, the first two kills, one on each side were the result of double six rolls rather than the usual attrition. We have to play this game more often, it really is a good game. I have been wanting to paint my Cadwallon models for ages, years in fact. I must set myself a deadline.

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