Real life critical fumbles – Cookery

No matter how many adventures you’ve been on, no matter how many foes you have defeated and no matter how many villages you have saved, everyone has moments when they’re not fully paying attention or when they’re a little too hung over or when they are simply having a bad day.   That’s why fumbles exist, because no one is always at their best. In gaming terms fumbles can happen at any time and lead to you injuring yourself, injuring your friends or aiding your enemies, but fumbling in real life can be no less disastrous and fumbling whilst cooking can lead to injuring yourself, others or loss of life.   Cookery real life critical fumbles:   01 – 25 You made slightly too much. It’s ok, you can have the rest tomorrow. 26 – 30 It’s slightly burnt and there are parts that you can’t eat. You will need to eat again in an hour. 31 – 40 You burn your tongue on the hot soup. -2 hits. 41 – 50 There was a bone in the stew. A big on

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Pizza Rolls, Lego Trucks and the Weekend

Long time, no cooking on here. But a chance to fix that! To take care of my colleagues in the office on my birthday, I made some pizza rolls as Finger food. You can make your own ingredients or buy one of the pizza kits (those where the dough and sauce is included). I pre-mix […]

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