What Now for the Corsairs?

I love my pointy-eared pirates. This is an indisputable fact. And while the most recent Big FAQ has come and gone, and the changes within it have been consistently good for the game, they do leave my beloved Corsairs in a bit of trouble. Or, to put it more pessimistically, Eldar Corsairs as we have known them are pretty dead in the water. So what now? How Did We Get Here? Watching the Corsairs’ decline has been something long in coming. It started with the hot mess that is the Forge World ruleset, which left the Corsairs woefully incomplete, and basically incapable of being fielded as a standalone, keyword independent force. There’s really no way to do that without an HQ choice, and with only two Troops and a Fast Attack choice, that was dead from Day One. There’s also the matter of them not having models anymore. But there are ways around that. You can do what I’ve done, and hoard Corsair bits and pieces in ways that make a Montana prepper seem reasonable and measured, or you can do alternative sources and

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