Corvus Belli


  We’re back with another GMG Review! This time it’s Daedalus’ Fall, the new Narrative and Armylist expansion for Infinity The Game by Corvus Belli. With new forces for Haqqislam, NA2 and more, there’s something in this book for everyone! Also back are the Narrative missions of Paradiso Crossroads and the new three-mission Daedalus’ Fall story and full Campaign rules and a revamped Spec Ops program! Check out all the stats HERE:

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Battle Report – Infinity – Halloweed Spook-Tacular!

  It’s Xenomancy! The ISG David Lo Pan is infested with Necromorphs…. Unitologis… ahem… Xenomancers have hired JSA Security forces to seize the Marker and destroy all evidence. Can Justin the Deva and the NeoTerrans stop them? Check out Xenomancy HERE:

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Battle Report – Infinity N3 – Steel Phalanx vs. USARF – Supremacy Season 10

  Owen and I check out of the other re-tooled missions for ITS Season 10 – ‘Supremacy’. A Classic going all the way back to the beginning of N3, this missions has been rethemed with a Civilian Xenotech that must be escorted across the table to score!

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