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Game 13: Borka2 PoD vs. Amon CM

Trying to get back into posting again. I was testing out a Grim1 Storm of the North/Borka2 Power of Dhunia pairing. Into Protectorate of Menoth, however, especially one that had "the jacks" I felt I had to drop Borka2.I'll have to write more thoughts about Trollbloods pairings, but I feel like a lot of our choices are obvious to our opponents and we rarely get to decide how a matchup is going to go.Going second against Amon is aggravating. I put the Storm Troll in front as a sacrifice to speed bump and give me options to countercharge forward.I also forgot that the Covenant of Menoth had a 5" Aura of no stationary... which means that if I were going to feat this should have been the time.Whelps deny scoring on the left zone. He sends in his Indictor early on to limit my spells, but Borka is able to stay outside and Primal his beasts. The trouble is the only beasts I can primal are Mulg and Rok because I haven't successfully staggered my beasts. Bad dice means it takes BOTH characters to trash the Indictor, so

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