Crimson Fists

Rogue Trader Crimson Fists Squad Taurasi

With Space Marine players jumping for joy that the new Primaris miniatures get jump heavy weapons, I’ve jumped at the chance to do a Rogue Trader era squad – when jump heavy weapons were also a thing. I regret not thinking of “JUMP THE GUN” as the armour graffiti for the squaddie with Heavy Bolter. Stamped out in Warhammer 40,000’s second edition, and now only just reappearing 26 years later – Space Marines with heavy weapons could also select jump packs in a number of ways in the various army lists. Squad Taurasi have done it here by being a Tactical Squad upgraded to “Cobra Squad” status in the 1988 Book of the Astronomican army list – and the highly mobile lad on the far right is toting a Heavy Bolter. Sergeant Taurasi’s graffiti reads “I SAY JUMP” and “U SAY HOW HI”, showing she’s the lady charge. I had a lot of fun painting checks on the jump packs, to give the squad some visual interest, and distract from the assymet

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Rogue Trader Christmas Space Marines

It was Christmas 1987, and Games Workshop celebrated the festive season by releasing two limited edition Space Marines (or “Spaced Out Marines” as the advertising called them).  I’ve painted the pair for my growing Crimson Fists force. Crimson Fists, more like … Crimson Pisseds. These castings came thanks to @DocRods – who’s been sending me an absolute surfeit of vintage beakies and 2000AD bits.  Thanks Doc!  A very merry Christmas to you, more of them appearing painted very soon. The Battle Brothers have I FEEL FISTIVE and PUNCH DRUNK graffitied onto their armour. The cigar-smoking Space Marine has a wisp of tobacco smoke sculpted onto his cheek, which other painters have misinterpreted as a casting worm to remove, or a facial scar to paint pink. There are two varieties of plastic mk6. backpacks – identical except for the placement of the depressions where they attach to the Marine.   One hole is so high up that when mounted on the metal Rogue Trader Space Marines it looks

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