Jagdpanther with Hilary Doyle

Fantastic Video of the Weald Foundation operational Jagdpanther, presented by Hilary Doyle (renown German Armour Expert) with some absolutely fascinating and obscure facts included. A must watch if you are a WW2 Tank fan. Here is where you will find…Read more ›

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Latest Ready Made Diecast 1/72 Models

The wealth of ready made diecast style models now is simply amazing. Especially in the 1/72 scale range (and I’m including 1/76 and 1/87 in that statement). I’ve not paid much attention to the scene in recent years, but just…Read more ›

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Crossfire with FOW minis

Almost nine years have passed since the last time I played Crossfire and here we are again but this time with FOW armies. As everybody in these parts have a FOW army I decided to buy a second-hand one and try to lure some disenchanted ex-FOW players into Crossfire.This report you can see here is our second game which we played in the local shop El Kraken using its boards and terrain, and so far my victim is loving the game! and I hope to draw a few players more into the dark side.We played the second generic scenario in the rules at level company, Bridgehead. I play '44 Germans and my opponent his British paratroopers; he defended. Germans deployed at the bottom, in the ruins, British at the top, in front of them. They used two barbed wires on the left and two hidden minefields on the right. I have to capture and hold for five consecutive initiative phases four pieces of terrain in his half of the table. Starting of turn one. The calm before the storm.Closer picture. As you can see by the markings in the

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