O’er the Hills Early Peninsula War scenario book launched on Kickstarter

The latest Kickstarter from Stand To Games has been launched – this time, they are looking to publish a scenario book for their Over the Hills Napoleonic rules. From their Kickstarter: The 101 page  supplement includes twelve action packed scenarios that allow you the gamer to recreate some of the greatest battles of the early Peninsula War. Battles such as Roliça, Vimeiro, Oporto, Corunna and Talavera are all included. Each scenario comes complete with orders of battle, detailed map and deployment lay outs and scenario special rules. Also included within this supplement is the authors notes on the scenarios and helpful hints on how to game using the Over the Hills ruleset. The supplement also contains three detailed army lists for Anglo/Portuguese, Spanish and French forces The project is running until 21st October 2018, with delivery due in November 2018. A £25 pledge will obtain you a copy of this supplement. You can find out more information here

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RDTN Episode 153: Cryptid, Taj Mahal, and Gizmos with special guest, David Waybright

While on vacation, Marty was able to find someone who obviously had nothing to do and filled in for me. David Waybright, from Man vs Meeple, was kind enough to take on the challenge of being grumpy. He failed, but that is okay. We still really appreciate the effort. David and Marty talk about Tiny Epic Mechs that is on Kickstarter now and has already blown past $300k, no chance of this not funding at $15,000. David and Marty also spend time and no telling how many takes doing a 5 Minute Initiative on Cryptid from Osprey Games. Since I haven’t played it, I am interested in their thoughts on it and whether or not I will be taught by Marty or if this is one I will learn on my own. Those two also decide that they need to explore hype for a board game and how it impacts expectations, sales, and initial plays. Don’t want to “hype” this discussion to much so you will not be let down when you listen to it. But before I left on vacation, Marty and I did two reviews as well. Gizmos from CMON is a simple engine builder

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