Custom Builds

Hafr Stonebridge Rules so Far

I finished these rules for my Trollbloods custom project about a week ago and am still tinkering with the concept. The important parts for me would be for him to be a kind of melee tank with a potentially situational damage buff.I haven't moved pass the feat and the ability list because the feedback so far is that they are too powerful as they are.Any thoughts for this would be appreciated.Card was generated using Soul Samurai's Generator.

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Doug "the Man" Hamilton's Custom Zaal2

Doug Hamilton is Privateer Press's 3d Sculptor, and he's responsible for a lot of my favorite sculpts. The Legion of Everblight, for example, has Zuriel, a dragonblighted Seraphim armed with two swords looking like he's landing in the midst of combat.Well in the picture above, he's used the 3d files for Zaal the Ancestral Advocate to craft his own custom version of the Skorne Warlock. In the background, Zaal dies and has his soul embedded in a stone sculpture known as Ancestrals. The Skorne believe that nothing exists after death, that there is just an emptiness called the Void, and so they embed warrior souls into stone sculptures that animate like Golems.I like his paint scheme a lot, as the official paint scheme tends to emphasize an obsidian look, but I really like the clay warrior vibe and have used it myself for my own army (to a much lesser effect), so perhaps I was primed to appreciate Doug's custom build.In customizing the Ancestral Advocate, Doug took the 3d files and re-built the head as an homage

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