Dark Ages Village

AHPC9: Recon Kradschutzen and Dark Age dwellings

A couple of Painting Challenge entries this week, lead by my Kradschutzen Platoon entry for the first of this year's Bonus Round, themed for Reconnaissance. The Motorcycle borne troops of the German Army were critical to the effective implementation of Blitzkrieg doctrine - searching out the enemy, seizing opportunities and using their mobility to conduct wide flanking manoeuvres. They are the essence of a force purpose built for this Reconnaissance Bonus round. In the desert they came into their own, so naturally I need some in my 15mm DAK force for use with Battlegroup Tobruk and Torch! Presenting my 15mm Reconnaissance Platoon, comprising: - 3 Kradschutzen rifle groups of 6 men each, - 3 Kradshutzen LMG teams, - Kradschutzen ATR section, - Kradschutzen 81mm mortar team, - Motorcycle borne medic, - Pak 36 AT gun and Kfz70 tow, and - 75mm Infantry Gun and Kfz 70 tow (Not shown: Plt HQ which will be mounted in a a Horsch Heavy car that I completed last challenge) While I am really happy with how

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Doing up some terrain

Been on a bit of a terrain blitz of late, as well as playing some Frostgrave.  This is a Celtic Roundhouse I just finished. I have wanted a Celtic roundhouse since 2011 when I first saw this one (as I recall from this post http://tasmancave.blogspot.com/2011/07/celt-roundhouses.html).  This year I finally bought one for myself for my birthday, and thanks to a club terrain day I got all inspired.  As a result it went from bare resin to this in a week. This is a Hovels product, which was very nicely finished with no resin bubbles or flash I quite enjoyed adding the diorama bits to bring it to life and add colour to the otherwise drab Dark Ages! Separately I have been playing with an airbrush on some of my Kill Team terrain. Really enjoying playing with it - I'll tell Santa. Did I say Kill Team? yes I did...

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