Thunder Chrome 3 – Highway to Castle Painskull

So whats makes Thunder Chrome JS different? Simple, the main element that really changes this up is modular kits. Just like your Favourite GW miniatures, Thunder Chrome designs are all modular You print the pieces you want and put together like a giant jigsaw [...] The post Thunder Chrome 3 – Highway to Castle Painskull appeared first on Tabletop Games UK.

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Deadzone and Cystoscopy.

I didn't plan much for last night at the club as my holiday looms and I had other things preying on my mind (see below), so I took up Simon's offer for some fun with Deadzone, a sci-fi skirmish, a few people were MIA this week so only three games were on offer other than Deadzone; X-Wing, Frostgrave and Age of Sigmar, not a historical game in sight.Deadzone is much like a host of other games of its type, lovely figures, small table, plays quickly and doesn't last long, despite this the book looked fairly complex to me as opposed to say Dead Man's Hand which has about 10 pages of rules. The game itself proved to be fairly simple although like any game you play for the first time you will not be able to appreciate any subtleties. In the first skirmish I was given The Plague, horrible looking people up to no good, I think the enemy were humans or one faction of them. I simply tried my best and rushed in, obviously I was quickly shot down and Simon won the game comfortably. In the second we changed sides, I had l

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Painting Tally: September 2018

My plan for September was for it to be a big follow up to my minor victory of actually getting some figures painted in August. As it turned out, it wasn’t quite as big as I had hoped… Painted: 14 I painted some more Gangs of Rome miniatures – not as many as I had hoped, but I have been slightly distracted by return of the podcast, so some of my hobby time has been spent recording and editing, rather than applying paint. The first half of October has to be busy, as I need to get some mobs painted in time for an event at the end of the month. Purchased: 69 Most of these purchases were planned way in advance, as I have been anticipating my visit to ChillCon Derby for a several weeks. 10 new miniatures for Burrow & Badgers from Oathsworn Miniatures 20 miniatures for Gangs of Rome – 5 Inocula and 3 mobs 22 models for Star Saga – the Nameless Expansion, which gives forces for two games in one, as the same models can be used in Deadzone. 16 Star Wars Legion models – got these

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