15mm City of Rayonia Militia Artillery and a few.......

.......Armoured Trolls!More 15mm fantasy/medieval shenanigans......A unit of Rayonian City State Militia from Demonworld, first unit from the despicable tyrants forces for Dragon Rampant with more to follow........The trolls are from Khurasan......Some nice stuff in this just released kickstarter and 15mm too plus it goes on sale for other mortals in October I believe, lots of plastic 15mm figures and scenery..........

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15mm Kings of War

Only my second venture in the world of Kings of War, I like the look of it from the start but was a little unsure.The first time I played, both of us were novices and made lots of mistakes that ruined the game for me.  Fast forward a couple of years and Tim, a very experienced KoW player at PAW run me through a 3000 point encounter battle between Orcs and Goblins(me) verses Dwarf(Tim).Well we played to completion in just over 3 hours and I really enjoyed it!  More so because I won lolLots of pictures follow.....the Dwarves are all Demonworld and the Orcs and Goblins are a mix of Demonworld and Blood DawnI love this model....i have 4 of them ;-)Dwarf tankBerserkers take on trolls, the regeneration of trolls is a great thing! Stubborn DwarvesHeavy boar ridersBehold the awesomeness of the giant arachnid Orc Lord on war mountBlood Dawn Orcs, Greataxes (Black Orcs in my world) clash with Dwarf warriorsMore GreataxesDefinitely an enjoyable game and I will definitely play again.The game has also spurred me

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