Bolt Action - Somewhere in the Western Desert

The scene was set for another run through of the Bolt Action rules for Roo's benefit. An 8th Army v D.A.K clash (sticking to my preference to fight with historically comparable armies) we were playing this time the "Surrounded" scenario from the main rule book (number 11). As the 8th Army player I decided to be the defender which required half of my available units to be set up in the centre of the table, in this case they would deploy in the village and try and hold their positions until relieved.I  must really iron out the creases in that matIt was only after deploying the units in the village that I realised that I had already made a number of mistakes. Firstly, in this scenario the attacker gets to try and call in a preparatory bombardment, something that the Brits have an advantage in that they get to roll twice on the table and pick the best result. Secondly I realised that I didn't have a MMG team in my list so that had to be removed and replaced with the light mortar team. Finally, Roo, as t

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