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Warmachine: Oblivion Campaign Preview on DevChat

On their DevChat stream today, Will and Oz revealed how the narrative campaign will work in Warmachine: Oblivion. It's a branching tree campaign built for 2-4 players to play.The Oblivion SystemOblivion is how they're referring to this style of campaign system, and it'll be the basis for future leagues and events. Future leagues and events will plug in the 16 scenarios and scenario tree. I'm assuming that this will be a way for them to update fiction as they go as well.AgendasPlayers in the campaign will team up according to two agendas. Guardians and Corruptors. Players of the same agenda never play against each other and in the case of 3 player campaigns they have rules how to split the games.I think they said they'll have suggestions for who or what will be part of each agenda, but of course that's always going to be open to what you and your players want to play. I would say that some would see this as an opportunity to try another faction to fill a void in a particular storyline. If everyone in your meta

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