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Adepticon, the long road back.

My Frostgrave Warband for tomorrows Adepticon CampaignAdepticon 2019 starts today over in Schaumburg, IL and now mere 2 hours away on the west side of the greater Chicago area.  Now its 17th year its gone from a couple hundred person Games Workshop fan event to the largest top gaming convention in the US. I have been to 11 of them starting in 2007 I made it 10 years in a row, until I burned out. Letting things that shouldnt really have bugged me , its just folks playing games after all, bug me. As the convention grew so did  my expectations and when growth and expectation failed my own litmus test, I got pissed. I returned in 2017 just as a spectator with my kids , doing some shopping, marveling at the displays and games and doing the take and paint. Last year we didnt go at all. This year was to be my 12th year, I bought a badge, and signed up for the Frostgrave, day long Campaign event "The Great Wyrm" run by my favorite tourney organizers whose games and events outside Adepticon since 2

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