AHPC9 - Donnybrook - Berkley's Dragoons c1689

My penultimate post of the Challenge unless I really get my finger out and finish the unit I'm painting.Can't see it happening though.And yes it is more Donnybrook!!!!!Here we have the 6 figures for the English regt Berkley's DragoonsThe figures are from Dixon minis, which are a real pleasure to paint, they almostpaint themselves!"The Monmouth’s rebellion scared Parliament into forming the first standing Army in 1685, among it six regiments of horse and two of Dragoons. It was constituted of six troops, raised by the honourable John Berkeley and named after him as "Berkeley’s Dragoons" it’s recruiting area for all of the troops was Wessex. Berkeley married Barbera Villiers, an intimate friend of the King’s younger daughter, Princess Anne. Thus came about the first title of the Regiment "The Princess Anne of Denmark’s Regiment of Dragoons". In October Berkeley’s Dragoons rode into London to be inspected by the King, a critical Commander, who was nevertheless impressed with them. For the next three years t

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