Dogs of War

[EN/PL] A few words about mercenaries in the Middle Ages / Słów kilka o Najemnikach w średniowieczu (Westfalia Menatarms)

Welcome!In the ending week, I managed to paint three very interesting and nicely made resin figurines from Westfalia. They will join captain Strong a few months ago.I allowed myself to make tarotistic patterns and symbols from Goeteia on the shields.        I think that models will work great in historical and fantasy systems as a complement to an army or human band of adventurers and mercenaries.And I would like to say a few words about the last ones...The mercenaries were (are) a military formation consisting of volunteers fighting for money. They are usually characterized by military service for a given state, city, ruler or organization, or even a private person.Mercenaries can be rented to fight in virtually any matter, because these formations are not guided by idealism (only pocket wealth is what counts!).Mercenaries are people for whom war is a profession, from which they derive the means to live (pay) and enrich themselves.       In medieval Europe, the economi

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[EN/PL] Again about Hobbits and the Battle of the Green Fields / Dalej o hobbitach i o Bitwie na Zielonych Polach (Westfalia Halfmen Peasant Militia 1)

Hello everyone!Today I invite you to the entry devoted to halflings, which quite often host in the pages of DwarfCrypt.I received models from  WestFalia  and are made of resin and consist of one part. Halfmen militia received round stands, as did the previous one in the company - Captain Strong.I encourage you to like the company and check the latest in the ongoing kickstarter: now...The Battle of Green Fields was a clash /in 2747 on the Third Age at the Green Fields, between the Orcs commanded by Golfimbula, who during the Lean Years led his band southward and reached the North Shire Quarters.        Hobbits were commanded by Bandobras Tuk. Hobbit was known for its exceptionally large height, as it measured 4.5 feet. Thanks to this he could ride a horse, which was unheard of for the Hobbits - those who preferred ponies.Many of his descendants lived in North Quarter. They initiated the Tuk family from the North.F

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