Doug Hamilton

Preview: Infernal Horrors

Doug Hamilton, digital sculptor for Privateer Press, called dibs on sculpting the heavy monsters for Warmachine's upcoming Infernal faction, and he talked about it on youtube.Ignore the size differences between these two pictures. They are the same sized model, just two variants. I just suck at taking screen caps. The difference in size is probably attributable to me selecting a larger box for the ranged heavy on the bottom.One thing is for sure. Some friends were calling these models Convergence + Legion, but it's pretty clear to me that they are their own thing. Legion warbeasts have more plating, honestly, and this thing if it looks anything like Legion might take some style decisions from Incubi in that it appears to be literally bursting out of its own skin.And any four legged upright torso monster will resemble some of the Convergence heavies in that it will have four legs (duh) and also have thin llower body supporting an exaggerated upper body (standard style heavy warbeast/warjack) .I do want to pain

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