Dracula's America

Dracula’s America Battle Report – Ep 05 – The Twilight Order vs. The Kin

A nefarious looking traveling Butcher and his family have been the cause of much muttering and rumour as they travel from town to town. This family business seems always to be followed by strange disappearances and dark stories. The Twilight Order, worried something unnatural is involved, sets off to investigate. Check out the FREE rules for The Kin HERE: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IagnoUle7C-LXtE7vDSMWpPwAxxHN3Cc/view?usp=sharing

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Church of Dagon - finished!

Heil Cthulhu!In the previous post there was Church of Dagon posse for Dracula's America - but only half finished. Since that I've managed to find enough time away from miserable life to deal with remaining models.Any specific about them?Not really actually - which is strange because I am big fan of Lovecraft and Call of Cthulhu...Working on both North Star and RAFM models was fun: all models are really cool, nicely casted and characterful. It was nice change from olive everywhere Bolt Action stuff.I added quite a lot of grass tufts on the bases because we decided such a swampy enviroment fits the Church much better than sandy weird west.That's just it I'm afraid, time for pics:Muties and psychos:Shooties:HQ:Whole depraved family:Next hobby thing planned is either group of OLD necromutants for OLD Warzone or another wave of Bolt Action shit. I should finally get Rangers squad...

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Church of Dagon

Ia! Ia! Ia!I was planning to post post it bit earlier, but finishing half of the gang took me bit longer than I expected. What is this anyway?Few months back the friend of mine proudly announced he ordered 3 or 4 warbands for Dracula's America skirmish game. At first I wasn't much keen on starting new game, especially taking place in a world of cowboys and Dracula's depraved minions...Everything changed when I learnt there's also Church of Dagon posse, and somehow whole fluff wasn't silly any longer. As for the game it's ok, standard match takes like 1,5 hrs and you only need 5-10 models. It's also space-wise: battlefield is only 36" x 36".  Game seems to be much more fun for more than 2 players.What I like much more is miniatures range: these are metal (no plastic / shitecast bullcrap) and very characterful pieces. Perfect for pulp gaming as well as for RPG characters (Call of Cthulhu 1920 that is). Working on the models was total fun and really cannot wait to see remaining gangers done.The box con

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