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Spacemaster books now electrum picks

  Iron Crown Enterprises are thrilled to announce that the Spacemaster 2nd Edition GM book, Player book and tech book are now all electrum pick products on Drivethru RPG!   Under 4% of products on Drivethru RPG have reached this accolade and it is great that all three of these Spacemaster 2nd Edition books are so well thought of.   Thanks to everyone who has bought and supported these products. Our dedicated fans are our lifeblood. We wouldn’t exist without you.   If you haven’t seen them yet, below is some information about each of the products with links to buy them from DRivethru RPG.   The Spacemaster system is usable in a variety of environments, from a dark near future of post-holocaust Earth to a culture of high-tech exploration to a distant time when civilisation has fallen to superstitious ruin. Spacemaster 2nd Edition can also be integrated with Rolemaster 2nd Edition -used together they set the stage for sweeping, coherent, science-fantasy and multi-genre campai

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John Carter of Mars RPG Rulebook

Today Modiphius have announced the impending release of the John Carter of Mars Core Rulebook in PDF. Their hugely exciting new 2d20 RPG transports you to the dying world of Mars. Full of adventures, heroism [...] The post John Carter of Mars RPG Rulebook appeared first on Tabletop Games UK.

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