DundraCon 2019 Report

Escaped this past weekend for a great weekend of gaming at DundraCon 2019.  Roy Scaife, John Lantz, Dan Kerrick, and Adrian Turner joined me along in the gaming fun.  Oddly enough, we covered the gaming spectrum on this one - playing fantasy (LOTR) on Friday, Sci-fi on Saturday (Star Wars), and historical on Sunday (Napoleonic) ... no gaming discrimination here! :-)Along with the miniatures games covered below, played some great boardgames as well - Giant Killer Robots (using the new factions), Everdell, and the Expanse boardgame (after the show, which I have been binge watching).Many pictures below ... enjoy!Charge of the Mumaks!Finally got some LOTR on the frigg'in table!  Didn't get a chance to play this scenario before running it at the con so wasn't sure how it was going to play out.  As it turns out, worked out great!  The Mamuks looked really good at the start trampling lots of Rohirrum, but Rohan bounced back, isolating and swarming each Mamuk which turned out to be a winning

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