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Dungeon World + Trilemma Adventures

Last week I got to run a one shot of Dungeon World - for all my enthusiasm about it I had never actually played it - but I'd heard good things.  I'd also heard good things about Trilemma Adventures so I decided to grab one of their free dungeons to play in.  How did it go?  Read on, bold adventurer...We played The Sky Blind Spire by Michael PrescottCreating characters was fairly straightforward, the main problem being I had printed the playbooks out too small!  DW brings playbooks from Apocalypse World rather than using character sheets, it's a case of ticking boxes and filling in blanks so once we were all on the same page we were ready to roll.  All the standard fantasy classes and tropes I'd expect are there, and I liked that it's clear the characters are THE, not a, member of that class.Because Dungeon World also uses Apocalypse World's "Moves", play is quick - powered by the narrative - and I was impressed by how much freedom the rules give to describe cool actions that are no le

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Making skill checks more PBTA

One thing I loved when reading Dungeon World was how all the moves fall into the same basic pattern:10+ (on 2d6 plus modifiers) means clean success7-9 means success, but with a cost or limitation6 or less means failure and the DM moves the story alongIt's an easy change from pass/fail and it runs right through all "Powered by the Apocalypse" games.  Note how there's no DC. I like this. So often my players roll skill checks and announce the result before I decide the DC that I end up just eyeballing it - so why not get rid of it? This is all about stakes and not about difficulty.So for my beloved Stars Without Number it's an easy enough change for me to want to start using it, I guess it is for any other 2d6 system, but can we apply it to D&D?  Mathematically (according to AnyDice and some probability calculations) this should map to 18+, 9-17, and 8 or less which is actually not too clunky!However, 2d6 and 1d20 give totally different distribution shapes, so any modifiers are going to swing thing

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Dungeon World – Wargaming Recon #218

Open world collaborate storytelling is the name of the game with Dungeon World.  Anything is possible in a world you build with your fellow gamers and the game master.  Game master Rachael and players Adrian, Alex, and Jonathan discuss their Dungeon world campaign in this NOT family friendly episode of… Read More» The post Dungeon World – Wargaming Recon #218 appeared first on Wargaming Recon.

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