Last couple of Thursdays have involved me dragging out my ridiculously large DUST Tactics troops and playing the same scenario, TWICE, with the sides switching each time.A huge gun is guarding the way into a strategic town. The mission is to take it out. The outcome was the same. Attackers slaughtered. Both times I thought, "I should give the attackers more troops". Then didn't. I also thought, "I should really get an airbrush again so I can paint these bad boys".Great set of rules. We might even try them with a horde of regular WW2 minis.

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February & March on my Blog/ Luty i Marzec na blogu

Stefan my last Wehrmacht Hero / Ostatni w kolekcji bohater Wehrmacht Stefan, Forgotten Hero / Stefan, Zapomniany Bohater Magda & Flamingo, Killing Mercenary Team. Killing Team: Magda & Flamingo / Zabójczy Set: Madzia i Flaming Click the poster of 2019 Dust European Championship to move to the Facebook event of Championship. Kliknij w plakat Mistrzostw, […] Artykuł February & March on my Blog/ Luty i Marzec na blogu pochodzi z serwisu Dust Brothers.

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