Dystopian Age

Further Adventures with the DW 3.0 Beta

Greetings! I finally managed to get in another game of Dystopian Wars with my friend Matt using the 3.0 beta rules. We were able to take advantage of the most recent revision of the Beta, which hit on 4 April 2019! Here is a brief write-up on how the game went, along with some of our thoughts. Scenario We once again decided to stick with one of the two scenarios that are currently available in the beta rules. The one we selected, “Pitched Battle,” is a fairly standard table quarter control scenario that most wargamers will probably be familiar with. Lists We decided to play the game at 1200 points. I would be playing an Imperium force, while Matt would be running his Union once again. Our two lists had some interesting similarities, but also some interesting differences. Here is what we took: Matt Battleship w/Shield Generator & Prow Upgrade (245 pts) Carrier (220 pts) Heavy Submarine (150 pts) 2x Heavy Cruisers with Rockets (240 pts) 4x Destroyers (220 pts) 3x Frigates (120 pts) Andy Ba

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DW 3.0: Gameplay First Impressions

I’ve finally managed to play my first game of the DW 3.0 Beta! My friend Matt, with whom I recently played through the Hurricane Season campaign with, and I met up last night to try our hand at War Cradle’s latest revision. The standard disclaimers apply; since this is a Beta test, any specific rules that I discuss below are subject to change before the game’s release, so keep that in mind. For those keeping score at home, we were playing with Version 0.03 of the Beta rules, dated 14 September 2018. Our First Game For our first foray into DW 3.0, Matt and I decided to focus on the core rules, and exercise as many of them as possible. As such, we played with decks of Victory & Valor (V&V) cards, and made sure we each had a carrier so that we could play around with the SRS rules a bit. About the only thing we did not use this time around were the Outfitting Cards, which means we didn’t have any Generators. Forces We went very basic with the forces we took for this mission; we pl

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DW 3.0 Beta Updates Reaction

Greetings! In my last post on the Dystopian Wars (DW) version 3.0 beta, I put together a brief overview of the major differences between older versions of the game and the first version of the 3.0  rules that Warcradle has shown us. As I mentioned at the time, many of those rules are subject to change as the open beta progresses, and that’s exactly what’s happened; earlier this week, a fairly lengthy list of changes was put out via the official DW Facebook page. Some of these changes are fairly minor, but some others are rather significant. So, with that in mind, here are my thoughts on what I think are the most impactful changes. I’m not going to go through every single change in this post; the full list here, but you can find it copied to the MBS forums if you are interested. Let’s dig in! Landlubber’s FSA Heavy Battleship Clarified Fire Arcs and Line of Sight The wording in this section has been updated to discuss how targeted models with a “partially blocked” lin

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