Early War Miniature

A bridge too near – Fallschirmjäger for May 1940

I’m getting my Dutch village ready for May ’40 Miniatures’ forthcoming Kickstarter for a new range of early WW2 fallschirmjäger (German paratroops). May ’40 Miniatures Fallschirmjäger Kickstarter My 1940 Dutch army is badly in need of an opponent, so I am eagerly awaiting the Kickstarter that May ’40 Miniatures are about to launch for  a range of German early war fallschirmjäger. These figures will be accurately modelled to represent the paratroops who took part in the 1940 invasion of the Netherlands. Once they’re here, these fallschirmjäger will of course have to jump (ha ha!) to the top of my existing lead pile! Sarissa Precision’s canal bridge In readiness for wargaming the 1940 invasion of the Netherlands, I have added a typical opening bridge to my Dutch village. Although Sarissa’s MDF canal bridge kitset is based on the bridge at Bruegel from the later Operation Market Garden in 1944, it will work perfectly for wargames set during the German invas

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Tour of a model Dutch village in 1940

At first glance, this could be a wartime newspaper photo of Dutch soldiers defending a village during the German invasion in May 1940 … until you spot the figure bases, that is,  and realise this is a wargames table with 28mm figures. I’ve recently been adding accessories to my Dutch village, such as latex brick roads from Early War Miniatures, and plastic lamp-posts, power poles and brick walls from Rubicon. They really bring to life the Gungnir cardboard buildings I’ve previously reported on, as you can see from this picture of Dutch soldiers and a Landsverk armoured car on patrol outside a grocer’s shop. Let’s take a tour of the village (don’t forget to click on the images to examine them in more detail). Soldiers follow the armoured car past a corner cafe, with period advertisements for Phoenix Dortmunder beer on the walls, and ‘3 Hoef Eisen’ beer on each window.  The miniatures and the armoured car, by the way, are all by May ’40 Miniatures. Adver

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