It's A Lightbox!

Having take thousands of photos for this site over the years against various very basic backdrops, usually with an angle poise lamp for lighting I finally bit the bullet recently and bought a mini lightbox (affiliate link) on eBay for just over a fiver - and frankly I'm already wondering why on earth I didn't do so ages ago!It is roughly a 10' cube with one open side, with the lighting powered by a usb cable from my PC (which drives a line of LED's at the top of the box facing back into it). The one I got comes with a couple of backdrops (white and black - but it will be easy to make more), and folds away quickly for flat-pack storage.If you want to have a look on your local eBay, this affiliate link will take you straight there (I get a teeny kickback from eBay if you buy one as well using this link).Here's a load of (un-retouched) photos taken with my usual cheap camera, firstly of some of the Khurasanians I'll be taking to The ADLG Worlds this coming weekend, and then some of the Samurai who were

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Ticking along.

Hello again and welcome to Inso's World.It is a lovely, sunny day and I've just got back from a nice little trip over to Marazion, with my wife, to see the sea, have a coffee and get some fresh air.This week has been lots of work, lots of chores and a bit of hobby so I'll get straight on with the hobby stuff.To start with, I finished Dillon; the last member of the Predator Rescue Team:Click the Pic!So I now have a full team:Click the Pic!With the team in mind, I have been looking, online, for pictures of 'the chopper' but they all seem to be overly dark and the markings on the aircraft are minimal or indistinct so it got me thinking and I have decided to add a bit of character, with a bit of a personal slant... I am going to add the decals from a 1/48th scale Merlin. Not only that, it will be a Merlin that I have worked on and have added nose art to:Click the Pic!I know it isn't from the Predator but it will look nicer than dark green with black lettering and nothing else... plus it adds a personal element.No

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The wind has changed direction.

Hello and welcome to Inso's World again.This week has been fairly interesting so I'll get straight to it...My wife braved the shave... (the week before last... but I failed to mention it in my last blog post) and has so far raised nearly £400 for MacMillan Cancer Support, which is very cool. Her charity page is still up and now shows a 'before and after' so pop along and please donate if you can:Brave the Shave LINKOn the job front, I have now passed all the checks and should be starting work this coming week. I will be shadowing a Health Care Assistant for the week before going for my induction training the following week so things are really getting interesting now. I know that the first few months will be tough because it's all new to me, it's a particularly demanding job and I have been away from a job for nearly two years. I have a feeling that Inso is going to be a very tired chap! I am really looking forward to it and can't wait to get started.I have finally got my medals sorted out. I sent them off th

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