Another Short News Piece

Well, I wanted to put this short news piece out there to get the word out that the blog has a Facebook page! Yep, that's right. We're going to social media. I wanted the page to get the word out and have a one stop shopping place on FB to release future news about when there's a blog release, have not done much Twilight: 2000 miniatures related, but I am gearing up to finish a boatload of Soviet armor, including some items from Butler's Printed Models that I really have been meaning to finish painting. They're almost done, so I am pretty confident, gimme a day or two to paint em, and I will be displaying them here for all to see, along with a review.As for other matters, I gave some Lifecolor MERDC colors a try painting some Battletech 'Mechs, and I liked the results, very much. I can definitely recommend Lifecolor, but it doesn't wear as well as oh, say, Vallejo or AK/MiG, but I was very happy with the end results, and they responded to the Magic Mudd Wash very well indeed. (I cannot say en

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Battlegroup - Cold War, and how to write some Twilight: 2000 army lists? And, some news from Ehliem Miniatures!

Hey all, sorry I have not written in a while, and this isn't going to be yet another review piece. Right now, I want to talk about converting rules to the Twilight: 2000 milleu and well, how difficult it can be sometimes, especially when you're writing a unofficial supplement to an unofficial supplement!So, Battlegroup Cold War is the product of Richard Chambers, the fellow who runs the Cold War Hot, Hot, Hot blog. He's basing his fan supplement off of the Battlegroup: World War II rules, written by Warick Kinrade and Piers Brand, which I am a huge fan of (some would say fanatical). I am also as we all know by this blog, a huge fan of things Twilight: 2000. So, like cookies and cream ice cream, I do want to combine the two, right?Well, it's not as easy as it sounds. For starters, a lot of the "units" in Twilight: 2000 are smaller cores of once proud divisions and brigades that have been shattered by unceasing combat, as well as the breakdown of the logistics network. They're often a collection of su

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A review of 2 Land Rover Kits - Airfix and JB Models

Royal Marines LWB Land Rover by Jorge Del RiosWhile I was stationed in Europe I came to meet with two groups of British troopers that greatly impressed me. The British Royal Marines and the Royal Air Force Regiment, both of these used the Land Rover 1 ton truck as an operational vehicle. The Royal Marines also use another vehicle that I have been tracking and will continue to track until I find it - the BV206. Airfix and JB Models Kits Well, in my Twilight 2000 universe, the elements of the 5thInfantry encountered an Intelligence Gathering Team from the Royal Marine Commandos, the group is using 2 Land Rover Long Wheel Base trucks and ¼ ton trailers to carry their equipment. So I have two of the trucks and trailers for the signal intelligence team. Looking on eBay I managed to locate 5 Land Rover LWB with trailers, 3 Hard Shell covered Land Rovers and 2 Soft Canvas covered trucks. In 1/72 HO Scale I found most of the vehicles were either 3d printed or Airfix models, so off I went and got them.

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