El Cid

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Spent some time with a brush the other night and started colouring in some more Moors.Supporting archers in the foreground for ADLG and Moor spearmen for SAGA to the rear.Another stand of Arab cavalry for ADLG in 15mm was also completed at the same time, however this isn't pictured here. These will follow soonish. Needing to settle back into a painting rthyme and start to clear some of the part painted figures on the table off. More on this and future plans in the next few posts. Cheers for now

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Gathering of the host of prepped figures for the forth coming Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge IX.In the centre there is a mixture of undercoated Macedonian Pike, Hypaspists and mercenary hoplites with a fair few El Cid Spanish foot. On the right there are undercoated and untouched Peltasts.There is also a full 15mm Later Crusader army for DBA to be cleaned and undercoated for this challenge.Decisions, decisions; what would you paint: Ancients or Dark Ages?Cheers for now. 

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