Elite Miniatures

French Napoleonic Cuirassiers

Another unit off the table this week, shelf queens again being completed, the third squadron of the 9th Cuirassiers for my 1805-09 French Napoleonic army. I really enjoy painting Elite miniatures, maybe because they are quite charismatic and have ver you good poses. The new Elite horses will fit out the next regiment of French dragoons. They will line up behind my Russians, and Baden cavalry I think.CheersMatt

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Napoleonic Generals

I have been partaking in the 30 minute 30 day painting challenge on Facebook, getting lots done.I have decided to clear my desk before I put another project on it, currently it is packed with Napoleonic French and Baden miniatures, plus celts and bits.First up Division General and ADC, actually a touch up and rebase job for these.Cuirassier General newFrankfurt Hussars, a Gendarme unit, but who doesn't like more hussars floating around on a table, a touch up and rebase job also. needed to add swords (staples), plumes and new tails on two horses. Need to complete the unit standard alsocheersMatt

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