one hour wargames -Zulu Skirmish

John my long time Gaming buddy recently bought a set of skirmish rules called one hour wargames which we tried out tonight using my Anglo Zulu war stuff .Basically a small skirmish rule set 8 figures for the brits and 16 for the zulus , the game uses playing cards instead of dice and it does what it says on the cover , we played 2 games in just over an hour admittedly the 2nd game was over quickly due to the cards turned over to decide the game end but both games were lots of fun ,all very simple but we will play it more I'm sure . Figures Empress and warlord ,redoubt is warlord as well.Spurred me on to carry on with my own zulu rules and getting my armies finished being out of work should give me plenty of time.The Brits ,6 riflemen a officer and a Nco .The Zulus 11 spears ,4 muskets and a leader the rulesThe zulus advance with heavy lossesThe Joker ends the turn ,the king shows how many action points i recieved this turn hand to hand we swapped sides and my Zulus advanced taking a right hamme

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