End Of The Week

End Of The Week - Back In The saddle

For a while Sunday evening was the time that I looked back at the progress of the week. Progress has been somewhat limited in the last year since moving out of my last home. This has been a major disappointment for me but I just haven't had anywhere to paint. Now I do and I have gone at it with some gusto this week.My plan, according to The New, New Cruelty is to catch up on my planned painting schedule. This is a minimum of five figures per week with hopefully ten figures per week and this must include catching up on the figures I have missed already this year. So I have managed to finish thirty figures. This has got to be my best week ever. If I am looking at five figures then I am already almost caught up, if not I am now up to date for February. If I can keep the pace up for a couple of weeks I will be more or less up to date.A few years ago I was planning on running a Weird War Two involving time travel. These were some of the figures I got for that. They are Nacht Jager are from Artizan Designs I think.

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End Of The Week - The First In A While

I have been wanting to post for a few days now as things start to be changing around for me. Over the course of the last few weeks I have been decrappifying my life. To date I think I have filled up the car six times with stuff that seems to have been taking up space in my home. Some of it belonged to my parents but it would be a lie to blame it all on them. There have been a few things I think I will miss but to be honest I think that there is very little that I had an emotional link to and the amount of stuff I have been keeping just in case I need it was getting crazy. Still, I don't feel like a hoarder just that I don't like throwing away things I might use some day. Maybe this explains why many gamers have mountains of stuff in boxes for games they are never going to get round to playing.Last week I went to Vapnartak in York. At the moment I am not flush with cash but I did manage to come away with a few bits and pieces which have also given me the urge to get things moving again. Couple this with the fa

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