ESR Napoleonics at the Club: Talavera!

Last night, at the club, I ran another game of ESR Napoleonics (published by The Wargaming Company) and we all had a blast.  I restaged the full battle of Talavera.  The table size was a little tight at 6x4 ft but it worked.  The first picture shows the French advancing on the combined British / Spanish position.The allied side had 2 players with Tony taking the role of Wellington and Ed "becoming" Cuesta.  Ed really gets into character for these games.The French had three generals with Tom taking the overall command as Jerome / Jourdan, Simon commanding Victor's corps and Dave commanding Sebastiani's troops.The fighting was contained to the French right flank (as it had been historically).  There was a lot of see-saw fighting as division after division was wrecked.  Simons I Corps saw two of its three divisions wrecked in exchange for two Spanish and one British division.  We really got to experience how fluid this game system is .The final British assault.  Tom's Drag

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Et Sans Resultant! (ESR): First Test Game at the Club

Russian initial deploymentLast night I ran my first game of Et Sans Resultant! (ESR) at the club.  We refought the Battle of Vitebsk from the Master of the World campaign book (Invasion of Russia).  The battle was fought in July of 1812 and involved a Russia rear guard action outside of Smolensk.  The Russian forces consisted of two infantry and one calvary corps were attempting to delay Murat who had the IV Corps and Nansouty's reserve calvary division.  The French had a slightly advantage in numbers and commander quality.I choose this scenario because of the wide range of unit types and command structures and lots of calvary.  The French Objective is simple - get off the far end of the board.The Attack  of the French Cav CorpsThe French elected to delay their entry by two turns but march on the board fully deployed.  They also wasted no time in launching a furious calvary charge lead by the 1st Heavy Calvary Division again the Russian calvary corps (upper center of the pic

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Post Adepticon Breakdown Part One: ASoIF first Impressions, HH Knight Fight and KoW Big Battle

Well, Adepticon was a few weeks ago. I have had plenty of time to recover (I took extra vacation afterwards for family time. If you ever go, especially if driving, I highly recommend this approach). Now I should start sharing my experience. Over the next week I'll be posting numerous articles covering it including-A Song of Ice and Fire by CMoN-40k Team Tournament-Making our Team Tournament board-Horus Heresy Knight Fight-Kings of War Big Battle-Medeival Times-Space Hulk-Bonus Roadshow Podcasts!-And it will all wrap up with our Allies of Inconvenience post Adepticon podcast!This was my 4th Adepticon and it was as fun as ever. This year I went into it signing up for as many events with models provided day 1 and 2. Just took a lot of personal prep pressure off (which got put right back on later, but I'll talk about that when I get to the 40k team tournament this year). And man did this approach pay off big time. I had a lot of fun games starting with my introduction to the A Song of Ice and Fire game by Cool Mi

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