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15mm Medieval Cavalry Before and After........

A unit of cavalry in it's shiny best before a glorious charge.........                                         ...........and then the after the less than glorious outcome!A unit of (good guys) cavalry for my fantasy gaming from Peter Pig with the casualties from Essex Miniatures!Before..........After............There are never enough casualty figures, companies need to add them to all ranges.......

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Back to the Brushes 201

This 30 days 30 miniatures painting challenge has come to an end. Below are the last figures painted for this challenge; a solitary Norman from Foundry and 18 Arabs from Essex.Two different scals and two very different painting styles. The 15mm figures are painted using block and wash whilst the 28mm figure is layered from base colour to highlight.Will post a full review of this challenge shortly.Day 30Figures painted: 30Cheers for now

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Back to the Brushes 197

Six days into this 30days30miniatures painting challenge and so far only three figures have been completed.This time another stand of archers for the  Ayyubid Arab army in 15mm.The figures are from Essex Miniatures and paint well.Hope to have a good painting session over the next few nights to increase the tally of completed figures.Day 6Figures completed 3Cheers for now

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