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The latest release and event news from Sarissa Precision...--------------------On the Road....... Next Weekend sees us visit the beautiful city of Antwerp in Belgium and the Sarissa Roadshow goes into mainland Europe. We had a fantastic time there last year and we are all prepared for the the trip with lots of new kits to show off.For new releases it's a bit quieter this week, we've got a couple of additions to the Ludus in the form a straight Grandstand Sections and a Curved Grandstand with a Pulvinar for the VIP's.Then we have the first batch of a whole swathe of new 20mm World War Europe kits which will begin to make the range match the 28mm range for variety.We also have a great value Old West Offering with a little deal involving our Livery Stable Kit and a Wagon for a wonderful price.Thanks, TCFirst things first, ff you think we've done anything cool this year then why not give us your vote in the Wargames Illustrated Awards for 2018 in category 4, Best Wargames Terrain, Accessory or Building Manuf

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