RPG Blog Carnival - One Roll Festivals

Festivals can add colour and a change of scene and pace to our games, so grab a set of polyhedrals and let's see what's going on!The d4 - origins:It's ancient, dating back to before the current civilisation began.  Perhaps the current rulers are trying to stop it, or perhaps it's important that the people who celebrate it don't die out?It's traditional and has been practiced for generations here.  Perhaps the original meaning has been lost, or prophecy states it must run for 100 years?It's new.  Perhaps the organisers could do with some help getting things set up, or perhaps someone is trying to make sure it's not a success?Outsiders. It's touring.  Perhaps some mischief - or wonder - follows in its wake?The d8 - this festival celebrates or ensures:FertilitySafe passage into the UnderworldSafe return of kinfolk from afarAn historic victory over enemiesA local or mythical beast or heroBountiful harvestProtection from an outside evilThe holy day of a deityThe d10 - festival trappings:The str

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