fighting sails

Unwanted guests (for Fighting sails)

Unwanted guests mapIntroduction:This a simple scenario for fighting sails to represented an opposed invasion.  The Red fleet is trying to land its invasion force on a beach with Blue fleet trying to prevent this.Forces:Red force consists of a 3rd rate flagship, leading a squadron consisting of a 3rd and 4th rated ships.  With a frigate squadron of two ships attached.Blue force consists of a 3rd rate flagship leading a 4th rate ship.With a frigate squadron of two ships attached. There is also a large battery on the coast.Set-up:Blue player deploys his coastal battery within 6" of the beach.Red player picks the wind direction. Blue player deploys his squadron within 6” of the coast. All the ships start “at anchor” Red player then deploys his squadron with 6” of the opposite table edge.Special rules:MotivatedMotivated ships can ignore fleet morale damage on a 4+All the Blue ships are motivated.At anchorShips at anchor gain three anchor tokens.Ships can decide to go at anchor during their sailing s

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Sugar wars (a fighting sails campaign)

Campaign season with the Militia1) Introduction:Now for something a bit different. This is a choose your own adventure style naval campaign based on Comte De Grasse expedition to the Caribbean in 1777.  The idea is inspired by Roger Underwood’s Caribbean naval campaign and the fighting fantasy books by Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson.  Both sides begin with their initial forces. Each chapter they are presented with an initial situation and given options to proceed. Their choices dictate what scenario is played and what forces are available.   Richard and Don opted for the British while Vincent will lead the French with myself in supportImportant note at this time the french navy is willing and capable to engage the British navy both fleets use British stats for their ships during the Campaign.2) BackgroundIn 1777 one of the most valuable goods traded is sugar. The annual trade convoy from Jamaica to Britain is worth 670 millions pounds to the exchequer. For France, the Martinique to Fran

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